Revitalizing Rural Economies

crane moving logs

With our for-profit subsidiary, WR Community Solutions, Inc., we have helped launch nine local businesses in renewable energy, small-diameter logging, and more. 

When a business or landowner has an idea, we act as a consultant and help them with the finances, resources, and logistics of their project. 

We also assist municipal entities and local government to evaluate renewable energy investments that reduce operating costs.Community Solutions, Inc.

We support innovation in

  • Agriculture
  • Forestry
  • Tourism
  • Value-added processing & manufacturing
  • Renewable energy

We serve

  • New businesses
  • Municipal governments
  • Organization and agencies
  • Foundations and investment groups
  • Individuals

Our services include

  • Business development
  • Partnerships and short or long-term financial relationship and investments
  • Business management or market development
  • Facilitate investment opportunities

Our programs are

For more information about WR Community Solutions, Inc., contact Kyle Petrocine.

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