Using Renewable Energy In New Ways


Renewable energy is energy that replenishes naturally – shining sun, flowing water and growing plants. Renewable energy contributes to energy independence and ecosystem health and keeps energy dollars close to home by supporting business and jobs in rural areas. 

The Renewable Energy Program at WR Community Solutions Inc. offers independent assessment and development services for small scale renewable energy. We provide technical assistance to those generally underserved by giant energy project conglomerates. We understand the opportunity that lies in local energy projects, as well as the importance of financial and technical feasibility to justify the investment.


We help communities use natural resources in new ways that promote stewardship, support small businesses, and save money on energy costs.


We collaborate with the natural resources sector to leverage resources, host educational events, and build relationships for our clients.

Who We Are

This program evolved from a partnership with Renewable Energy Solutions Inc. (RES). In order to bettCommunity Solutions, Incer respond to the increasing demand for energy-related technical services, we have specialized primarily in the Pacific Northwest, while RES focuses on international project activity. 

We help farms, ranches, businesses, municipalities, community groups and investor entities assess and improve their energy efficiency. Our major technical resource areas include:

Our services include Third Party Review of proposals, as well as grant, incentive and other application material preparation. We also offer small hydropower FERC Exemptions from Licensing and energy audits. We can work with you on feasibility studies to design and engineering as well as project development. We have strong practical and technical expertise in renewable energy and community-based natural resource development.

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