hydro ditchEven small sources of flowing water--in ditches, pipelines, and municipal delivery systems--can be a renewable energy resource.

Low head and flow are not inherent limitations. We have developed numerous projects in ranges as low as 5-20 kilowatts. 

When a turbine spun by flowing water is connected to the electrical grid, it can offset fossil fuel costs, or the energy can be stored. These systems can produce surprisingly robust returns on investment and facilitate resource stewardship.

We also help clients with local, state and federal regulatory approvals. Contact us to learn more.

Of the 500,000 viable small scale hydropower sites identified in a recent U.S. Department of Energy (USDOE) study, the majority are in the Pacific Northwest. In 2006, the USDOE extended this dataset and concluded that development of small hydro projects alone would provide more than a 50% increase in U.S. hydroelectric generation (i.e. potential for small hydro projects providing between 1 and 30 Megawatts (MW) annually).

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